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31st of March 2021

O U T   N O W :   AGKCD01 - Kiira - Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö Digipak CD

This lavish digipak CD features an exclusive remaster by Henri Sorvali that is not present on any other format of the album. Comes in a full color 6 panel 350gram hardstock digipak, including a full color 12 paged 200gram booklet.

Limited to an undisclosed amount of copies.
Check the item article for confirmed distributors of the release.

Yksinoikeus-jakelu Suomessa: Out of the Dungeon

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För folk bosatta inom Sverige så gäller PostNords vanliga portopriser,
bortsett från 10" MLP och 12" LP, som alltid skickas som "Skicka Lätt".

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1 Digibook CD - 100/250 gram
2 Digibook CD - 250 gram
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