Avgrundsklanger is an underground record label independently operated out of Sweden with a focus on producing cassettes and vinyl records of bands whose spiritual ideology corresponds to our own in one or additional ways. Avgrundsklanger is not bound to a specific music genre, although the primary focus is to release and spread the vile audial poison most commonly found in Black Metal. 

The name Avgrundsklanger translates as Tones of the Abyss. In 2019, Avgrundsklanger & Astral Temple merged into one, where Astral Temple will continue to act as a subsidiary of Avgrundsklanger.

We are not actively looking for new bands to add to our roster. If you are truly interested, ask for our snail mail adress for submitting REHEARSAL TAPES or ADVANCE TAPES. Nothing else is accepted! 

Avgrundsklanger is a VAT registered company.
Taxes are added to all purchases made from within the EU. We will NOT add taxes to shipping, and take that additional cost out of our own pocket. 

You can communicate with Avgrundsklanger in English, Swedish, Norwegian or Japanese/日本語. 

Our releases can also be found at the following distributors:

  • Behest
  • Darker than Black
  • Descending Towards Damnation
  • Final Agony Records
  • Gramschap
  • New Era Productions
  • Northern Heritage
  • Scythe of Death Productions
  • Signal Rex/Harvest of Death
  • Werewolf Records
  • Aetergap Productions

To sign up for the newsletter, send an email titled "newsletter" to avgrundsklanger at gmail dot com